Altura EC Pros: Discover the Benefits of This New Launch

Altura Executive Condo is the newest place to live in Singapore. It’s not like other places. Altura EC only has 360 units. This means it feels more private and not too crowded. People like its big rooms, nice design, and good prices.1

It’s in a great spot near Bukit Batok West Avenue 8. Plus, the future ACS Primary School is close by. Families will love living here. There’s a lot to do, like swimming in the 50-meter pool or playing tennis. Everyone can find something they enjoy.1

The famous Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction built Altura EC. They’re known for their top-notch work. And the best part? The prices are from $1,300 to $1,400 per square foot. This makes it a fantastic pick for anyone looking at executive condos.1

Key Takeaways

  • Altura EC offers a lower-than-average density living environment with only 360 units.
  • The development features high-quality fittings, efficient layouts, and spacious unit sizes catering to families.
  • Altura EC provides a comprehensive range of facilities and amenities, including a 50-meter lap pool and tennis court.
  • The project is developed by the reputable Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction, ensuring quality construction and design.
  • Altura EC’s competitive pricing positioning it as an attractive option for executive condominium buyers in Singapore.

Introduction to Altura EC

Altura Executive Condo is a fresh project found on Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 in Singapore.1 This executive condominium comes from Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction.1 It was launched in 2022.

A New Grade A Office Development in Marina Bay

It’s very near the future ACS Primary School. This makes it easy for families to access schools.1 The area has 360 units across three 15-story buildings. This makes for a cozy living space for everyone.1

Located in Bukit Batok West Avenue 8

Altura EC sits in a prime spot in Bukit Batok. It’s near a lot of great places and connects well to the city. Living close to the future ACS Primary School is a big bonus for families.

Developed by Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction

Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction made Altura EC. They are both big names in the Singapore real estate scene. Qingjian builds beautiful homes, and Santarli ensures strong construction quality.

Altura EC Pros: Efficient Layouts and Unit Sizes

Altura Executive Condo has units like 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom types. They meet the needs of all family sizes2. The layouts use space wisely for more living and storage room.1 The unit sizes are big, perfect for families.1 It makes Altura EC a great home for those wanting comfort and practicality.

Unit Efficiency and Variety of Layouts

Altura EC has 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom units for different families.2 These units are carefully designed to make the most of the space. They offer plenty of living and storage space.

Spacious Unit Sizes Catering to Families

Altura EC’s unit sizes are spacious, making it great for families.1 It has various layouts to choose from too. This makes Altura EC ideal for a comfortable family life.

Quality Fittings and Design Aesthetics

Altura EC has high-quality fittings and luxe finishes for a wonderful living space.3 It shows off a modern, pleasing style. Every part is carefully chosen to look and work great.3 Residents get to live in a well-designed place that’s comfy and beautiful. The units and shared areas are designed to please the eye and make life better.

High-Quality Fittings and Finishes

The fittings and finishes at Altura EC are top-notch, earning a 4 out of 5.3 People living here will enjoy a space that’s both fancy and strong. The materials and finishes are picked to make everything look good and last long.

Modern and Appealing Design

Altura EC’s look is modern and eye-catching, scoring 3.5 out of 5 for design.3 The team really focused on picking the right materials and finishes. This makes the place look and feel just right, mixing style with use nicely.

Comprehensive Facilities and Amenities

Altura EC has many great facilities and amenities for its people. It has a big lap pool, a tennis court, a gym, and a play area for kids. These are there for everyone’s different likes and needs.4

Variety of Recreational Facilities

At Altura EC, there is plenty to do. You can find a big lap pool, a tennis court, a gym, and a kids’ play area. This variety makes sure the community has something for each person.4

There’s also a clubhouse. It is a place for people to meet, have fun, and do activities together.4

Exclusive Amenities for Residents

Altura EC gives special amenities too. Residents can enjoy a reading and social club. These places are for relaxing, chatting, and having fun. It helps make the home a more complete and enjoyable place.4

The facilities at Altura EC are made with everyone in mind. They ensure a full and fun living experience.54

Surrounding Neighborhood and Accessibility

Altura EC is in the Bukit Batok area, close to the future ACS Primary School.6 This is great for families with kids who go to school.6

Proximity to Schools and Future ACS Primary School

Altura EC is placed near the future ACS Primary School. This makes it easy for families with children.6 They get a nearby top school, making life easier.6

Convenient Transport Links and Driving Accessibility

Altura EC also has great transport links. It’s close to major roads, highways, and transport.6 This helps residents move around Singapore easily.6

The location is perfect for commuting and has what you need close by.6 Altura EC is near shopping, eating places, and fun things to do.6 You can also enjoy jogging, cycling, and picnicking in parks nearby.6

Developer Reputation and Track Record

Altura EC is made by Qingjian Realty, a top real estate developer in Singapore.7 They promise to give homes that fit well with how people live. This developer has won many awards, such as the BCI Asia Top Ten Award. They also won awards from the Southeast Asia Property Awards and the FIABCI Singapore Property Awards.7 For caring about the environment, they got several BCA Green Mark Awards. And for making places more accessible, they won BCA Universal Design Mark Awards too.

Santarli Construction: A Reliable Partner

Santarli Construction helps Qingjian Realty in the Altura EC project. They are known for doing great work.7 Since the cost of land, building, and interest rates are high, their skills are key to making Altura EC great.

Altura EC Pros: Investment Potential and Affordability

Altura EC is a great chance for homebuyers to invest. It could go up in value over time.1 Compared to new condos in the area, its price is good.5 This is good news for HDB owners wanting to move up. It’s also good for those looking to invest in Singapore’s property market.

Potential for Capital Appreciation

Altura EC is in a spot where property values usually rise.1 It offers a lot of useful features and fun things to do. This means it could be worth more in the future, a win for buyers.1

Attractive Pricing for an Executive Condominium

When looking at prices, Altura EC is quite a deal. It’s cheaper than many new condos nearby.5 This makes it a smart pick for HDB owners wanting a private upgrade. It’s also great for those wanting to see their investment grow.8 Plus, if you’re a first-time buyer, you could get help with the CPF Housing Grant. This makes Altura EC even more affordable.8


Altura EC is a top-notch place in Singapore for both homebuyers and investors. It’s designed well, with big living spaces and high-quality details.9 The place has lots of cool stuff to use and is close to schools. It’s easy to get around, which makes living here great.9

This place is made by the Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction team.9 They aimed to make living here a really good time, especially with the chance to see your money grow. It’s an awesome pick if you’re thinking about moving up from an HDB or investing smart in real estate.8

In the end, Altura EC is a standout choice for those wanting a great home in Singapore. It offers quality, lots of fun things to do, and being close to important places. This all makes life comfortable and lets you enjoy easy living. Plus, it’s a smart move for people looking to invest in real estate.9,10,8


What are the benefits of Altura EC?

Altura EC has many benefits. It has efficient layouts and high-quality fittings. Also, it offers plenty of facilities, is near schools and transport, and its developers are well-experienced. It’s also a good investment, with chances for your property value to rise.

What are the key features of the Altura EC units?

Altura EC units have efficient layouts. This means you have lots of space for living and storage. It comes in 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom choices, fitting different family sizes. The units are also very spacious, perfect for families.

What is the quality of the fittings and design at Altura EC?

At Altura EC, you’ll find top-notch fittings and finishes. They aim to give residents a luxurious living feel. The design is modern and beautiful, with everything carefully picked. It makes the place both functional and nice to look at.

What facilities and amenities are available at Altura EC?

Altura EC treats its residents well with lots of amenities. You’ll have a lap pool, a tennis court, and a gym. There’s also a playground for kids and special places like a reading club. These all make living there a great experience.

What is the location and accessibility of Altura EC?

Altura EC is in Bukit Batok, very close to a future primary school. It’s also easy to reach major roads and public transport. This means you’ll be well-connected and close to everything you need.

What is the reputation of the developers behind Altura EC?

Altura EC is from Qingjian Realty, a leader in Singapore’s real estate scene. They are known for great homes and have won many awards. Their partner, Santarli Construction, helps ensure the homes are top-quality. QStringLiteralConstructor, including multiple overloads