North Gaia EC Site Plan – Discover the Best Layout

North Gaia is a nature-like executive condominium (EC) in Yishun. It sits on 21,518.8 square meters along Yishun Close.1 There are 616 apartments across 11 blocks in this community. These include 3, 4, and 5-bedroom layouts from 958 to 1,593 square feet.1 The design is inspired by the nearby Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. It brings nature and urban living together beautifully.

Living in North Gaia EC offers easy access to many places. This includes food options, supermarkets, and restaurants, all within a 5-minute walk.1 Its nearness to Yishun Bus Station and Yishun MRT Station is a plus. You can easily get to other places thanks to good connectivity.1 Soon, Canberra Plaza will open near North Gaia. It will have food courts, schools, daycare, and shops. This will make life even more convenient for residents.1

North Gaia’s spot in Yishun means it’s close to many needed places. You can reach outdoor areas, health services, schools, and shopping spots easily.1 Transportation to places like Orchard Road and Changi Airport is also simple. This makes North Gaia a great choice for those looking for a mix of nature and city life.

North Gaia EC Site Plan

Key Takeaways

  • North Gaia is a rare nature-inspired EC development in Yishun, Singapore.
  • The project comprises 616 apartments across 11 blocks, offering spacious 3, 4, and 5-bedroom layouts.
  • Residents will enjoy seamless connectivity, access to amenities, and a strategic location near schools, shopping, and transportation.
  • The development integrates nature and urban living, providing a harmonious environment for families and individuals.
  • North Gaia’s thoughtful design and comprehensive facilities cater to the needs of modern homebuyers.

Unraveling the Unit Mix at North Gaia EC

In the Yishun neighborhood, North Gaia EC has homes for every family’s size. You can choose from big 3-bedroom flats to huge 5-bedroom places. They offer a mix of comfy and handy living.2

3 Bedroom Units

The 3-bedroom homes at North Gaia EC are between 89 sqm and 91 sqm. They’re perfect for those wanting a cozy place to live. You’ll find different designs like C1, C2, and C3, making a total of 164 units.2

3 Bedroom + Yard Units

Looking for some extra space? North Gaia EC has 3-bedroom homes with a private yard. These homes range from 93 sqm to 95 sqm. You can choose from layouts like CY2 and CY3, totaling 154 units.2

3 Bedroom + Yard + Study Units

Need a home with even more room? North Gaia EC has 3-bedroom places with a yard and study. These homes are between 98 sqm and 100 sqm. With designs like CS5 and CS6, you have 164 options.2

4 Bedroom Units

North Gaia EC also offers 4-bedroom units for those who need more space. These homes are between 122 sqm and 129 sqm. You can choose from different layouts, like D1 and D2, with a total of 84 units.2

5 Bedroom Units

The peak of North Gaia EC’s homes are the 5-bedroom units. They’re very spacious, at 148 sqm each. With types such as E1 and E2, there are 14 units ready.2

Location Highlights of North Gaia EC

Strategic Positioning in Yishun

North Gaia EC sits just a quick walk from Junction 9. This means easy access to places like restaurants and shops.1 It’s also near the Yishun Bus Station and MRT, making travel simple for residents.1

Seamless Connectivity

Living at North Gaia EC means being close to the new Canberra Plaza. Here, you’ll find places like food courts, stores, and more.1 Plus, getting to places like Orchard Road or the airport is easy from here.1

Proximity to Amenities

This place is perfect for being near outdoor fun, shopping, healthcare, and schools.1 And, it’s close to work hubs like Woodlands Regional Center, so work is nearby too.1

North Gaia EC Site Plan – Discover the Best Layout

The site plan of North Gaia EC mixes nature with modern life. It covers 231,576 sqft3. With 11 towers and 616 apartments3, it has many home types. These range from 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom, and from 958 to 1,593 sqft3.

Verdant Atrium

The Verdant Atrium at North Gaia EC is a green, peaceful place. It’s inspired by the Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. This area lets people relax away from the busyness of the city.

Arcadian Creek

The Arcadian Creek is a pretty stream at North Gaia EC. It makes the place feel calm and close to nature. The water’s gentle sound and green plants help residents relax.

Elysian Sanctuary

The Elysian Sanctuary is a quiet spot at North Gaia EC. It’s for anyone needing a break from everyday life. Here, people can relax, meditate, and feel renewed.

Mangrove Quest

The Mangrove Quest lets residents explore nature. It’s inspired by local mangrove forests. This place helps people appreciate local wildlife.

Rainbow Trail

The Rainbow Trail is a fun path at North Gaia EC. It links different play areas. This colorful trail is all about outdoor fun and active living.

North Gaia EC site plan

Recreational Facilities at Your Doorstep

North Gaia EC has many places for everyone. There’s a big clubhouse, two 50m lap pools4, a spa, gym, and more. This means there are lots of ways to stay fit, relax, and hang out with friends.

Outdoor Spaces

Outside, there’s a lot to do too. You can chill on the grass, have a BBQ, or play tennis. Plus, there are cool gardens and places to hang out, mixing city life with nature4.

Family-Friendly Zones

North Gaia EC is great for families. Kids will love the adventure playground4. It’s safe and fun, making good memories for everyone. There’s also lots to do for all residents, young and old.

recreational facilities


North Gaia EC brings together nature and city life perfectly. It spreads across 231,575 square feet2. Families and individuals in Singapore can live luxuriously and sustainably in the north.

It offers homes from 3 to 5 bedrooms2. This means it meets the different needs of buyers. The starting price is $1,177 per square foot2. It’s a great chance for smart buyers.

It’s near the Yishun MRT and useful places2. This makes life easy for its residents. Kids will love being close to schools like Yishun Primary and Northland Secondary2.

North Gaia EC has many fun facilities2 such as a pool, gym, tennis, and gardens. It offers 60 amenities5 for different lifestyles. It’s a place where everyone can relax and have fun.


What is the size of the North Gaia EC development?

North Gaia EC spans over 231,576 square feet on Yishun Close.

How many apartments are there in North Gaia EC?

It has 616 apartments within 11 blocks. Each block has 14 floors.

What are the unit types and sizes available at North Gaia EC?

You can choose from 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom units. Sizes range from 958 sqft to 1,593 sqft.

What is the location of North Gaia EC?

It’s a short 5-minute walk from Junction 9. Also near Yishun Bus and MRT Stations.

What are the key highlights of the North Gaia EC site plan?

There are many beautiful areas like the Verdant Atrium and Rainbow Trail. It’s a perfect mix of nature and city life.

What amenities and facilities are available at North Gaia EC?

Communal places include lap pools, a spa, and a gym. There are also dining areas, lawns, and a playground for kids.