Altura EC Pros: Discover the Benefits of This New Launch

Altura Executive Condo is the newest place to live in Singapore. It’s not like other places. Altura EC only has 360 units. This means it feels more private and not too crowded. People like its big rooms, nice design, and good prices.1 It’s in a great spot near Bukit Batok West Avenue 8. Plus, the … Read more

Lumina Grand EC – Is it Good to Buy? Honest Review

Lumina Grand EC is a new condo at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 in Singapore.1 It’s built by a company called CDL Zenith. This firm is a part of City Developments Limited, known as CDL. The place has 512 units and offers both luxury and value. It’s near jobs and fun spots. Picking Lumina Grand … Read more

North Gaia EC Site Plan – Discover the Best Layout

North Gaia is a nature-like executive condominium (EC) in Yishun. It sits on 21,518.8 square meters along Yishun Close.1 There are 616 apartments across 11 blocks in this community. These include 3, 4, and 5-bedroom layouts from 958 to 1,593 square feet.1 The design is inspired by the nearby Khatib Bongsu Nature Park. It brings … Read more

HDB renting rules

Eligibility Requirements to Rent Out an HDB Flat To rent out your entire HDB flat in Singapore, you must meet the following criteria: Renting Out Bedrooms Only: If you want to rent out bedrooms only, the rules are slightly different: For further information and to apply for approval, visit the HDB website. Maximum Number of … Read more

What are the HDB Rules in Singapore? – Key Regulations

HDB stands for Housing & Development Board. It’s the main agency in Singapore for public housing. Knowing the HDB rules and regulations is essential for citizens and permanent residents. This knowledge is key when looking to buy or rent an HDB flat. Such rules include eligibility criteria, the ethnic integration policy, resale regulations, loan requirements, … Read more

Cost of HDB Flats in Singapore

The price of HDB flats in Singapore matters a lot to home buyers. In this detailed guide, you’ll find info on HDB flat prices. This includes new and resale homes. You’ll also learn about housing grants, loans, and subsidies that buyers can get. As of Q1 2024, HDB resale prices went up by 1.8% from … Read more

Can Foreigners Rent HDB Flats in Singapore?

In Singapore, foreigners have a special chance to find homes in the public housing market. The Housing Development Board (HDB) allows them to rent flats if they meet specific rules. If you’re a Permanent Resident in Singapore or have a valid work pass, it’s good to know how renting works. This will make looking for … Read more

The Best Floor to Live in HDB Flats: A Helpful Guide

Choosing the best HDB (Housing and Development Board) flat often comes down to the floor level in Singapore. Do you like being close to the ground for easy access or enjoy great views from higher up? We’ll look into which floor might be best for you, the advantages and disadvantages, and important things to think … Read more

Why is a Condo Better Than HDB?

In Singapore’s real estate market, some HDB resale flats now cost over a million dollars. This makes homebuyers wonder if buying an HDB flat is really worth it. Or if it’s better to look into a private condominium (condo) option. Both HDB flats and condos have their own pros and cons. Even though HDB flats … Read more

Do HDB Flats Have Balconies?

HDB flats can be more unique than you think. There’s a feature many often overlook: some come with balconies. These balconies, a feature of private condominiums, are in select HDB flats. They offer a unique experience, bringing nature closer to home. For those with a green thumb or anyone wanting a cozy spot to relax … Read more

Overnight Visitor Stay Rules for HDB Flats in Singapore

In Singapore, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) sets the rules for overnight visitors in HDB flats. This applies if you’re renting an HDB flat or visiting someone. Knowing the details is key. We will discuss whether can visitors stay overnight in HDB flats? and the rules for overnight guests in HDB, visitor accommodation in … Read more

Can 2 Siblings Buy HDB? Eligibility Criteria Explained

In Singapore, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) offers a wide range of housing options. This includes the possibility for siblings to jointly own an HDB flat. But, purchasing an HDB flat as siblings comes with specific rules. We’ll discuss the key requirements and considerations for siblings looking to buy together. According to HDB, siblings … Read more

Can a Tourist Rent a House in Singapore? The Complete Guide

Singapore beckons tourists and workers with its vibrant city, mixed culture, and strong economy. Yet, renting a home as a foreigner might seem scary. This guide dives into the rules, the choices, and important things to know for tourists and others looking to rent a place in Singapore. Key Takeaways Understanding the Legalities of Renting … Read more

Can a foreigner buy a flat in Singapore?

The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2023 says Singapore’s housing market is “fairly valued” now. Despite the government’s efforts, it’s still a good time for non-Singaporeans (or foreigners) to think about buying property in Singapore. Key Takeaways Understanding Foreign Property Ownership Rules in Singapore In Singapore, who can own property is very defined. The … Read more

Can I Buy an HDB Flat if I Own a Private Condo?

The ability to purchase an HDB (Housing and Development Board) flat in Singapore while owning a private condominium is a common question among homeowners. This comprehensive guide will explore the eligibility criteria, property acquisition rules, and strategies for navigating this process. It will cover topics such as understanding HDB eligibility, navigating the resale levy, owning … Read more

Renting a Condo for 3 Months in Singapore: Possibilities.

Renting a condo for 3 months in Singapore is smart for short-term rental needs. It’s great for expats, corporate travelers, or those in flux. In this advanced city-state, you’ve got many rental choices like public housing (HDB flats), condominiums, landed properties, and serviced apartments. But, there are key rules and tips to follow when renting … Read more