What are the HDB Rules in Singapore? – Key Regulations

HDB stands for Housing & Development Board.

It’s the main agency in Singapore for public housing. Knowing the HDB rules and regulations is essential for citizens and permanent residents.

This knowledge is key when looking to buy or rent an HDB flat.

Such rules include eligibility criteria, the ethnic integration policy, resale regulations, loan requirements, and housing grants.

Understanding these guidelines helps people navigate the HDB housing system. It lets them follow the needed policies correctly.

Key Takeaways

  • HDB (Housing & Development Board) is the government agency responsible for public housing in Singapore.
  • Understanding the key HDB rules and regulations is essential for Singaporeans and permanent residents interested in purchasing or renting an HDB flat.
  • The HDB rules cover a wide range of topics, including eligibility criteria, the ethnic integration policy, resale regulations, loan requirements, and housing grants.
  • Being aware of these guidelines helps individuals navigate the HDB housing landscape and ensure compliance with the necessary policies.
  • Knowing the HDB rules is crucial for making informed decisions and accessing affordable, quality housing in Singapore.

Introduction to HDB Rules in Singapore

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) is key in Singapore’s housing world.

It makes sure most people can afford good homes. HDB sets the rules for who can get these homes and how to use them.

This is so everyone lives well together, gets a fair chance, and the neighborhoods stay nice.

Overview of HDB’s Role in Housing

HDB leads the way in public housing in Singapore.

It meets the different needs of the country’s citizens and residents.

With clear rules in place, HDB ensures homes are given and managed fairly. This helps the city grow and people from all walks of life live together well.

Importance of Understanding HDB Regulations

Knowing HDB’s rules is very important for anyone looking for a home.

This knowledge guides them through getting and using an HDB flat correctly.

It also helps them sell or rent out their home in the future. With this info, people can avoid problems and enjoy their home smoothly.

Eligibility Criteria for HDB Flats

To apply for an HDB flat, you need to meet certain citizenship and residency rules.

Singaporean citizens get top priority.

Permanent residents (PRs) and foreigners have extra conditions to meet. These include age, who you live with, and how long you’ve been in Singapore.

Citizenship and Residency Requirements

Getting an HDB flat aims at helping Singaporean citizens first and foremost.

Permanent residents and foreigners must stay in Singapore longer.

This helps keep HDB flats open for locals. It also helps local communities stay strong and connected.

Income Ceilings and Other Conditions

HDB flats have set income limits to keep them affordable for their main audience.

These limits are there to help out those who need it most.

Things like owning other properties or having had an HDB flat before could affect your eligibility too.

Knowing about the HDB criteria helps people work within the system.

This ensures everyone who’s eligible can get a fair chance at a comfortable home in Singapore.

What are the HDB Rules in Singapore?

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore makes sure public housing is managed fairly.

They have rules that cover three important areas.

The first is about who can rent HDB flats if they are not citizens.

The second talks about how long you can rent and how many people can stay.

The last one is about only using these flats for living, not for business or other activities.’

Non-Citizen Quota for Renting Out Flats

To keep a good mix of people in HDB estates, there’s a rule for non-citizens renting flats.

No more than 8% non-citizens can rent in a neighborhood and 11% in a block.

When this limit is reached, only Singaporeans and Malaysians can rent there. This rule doesn’t apply if someone just wants to rent out a bedroom.

Rental Period and Maximum Occupancy Limits

There are also rules like how long you can rent and how many can live in an HDB space.

You must rent for at least 6 months.

The most time you can rent is 3 years for Singaporeans or Malaysians, and 2 years for others.

HDB also limits how many people can live in a flat based on its size.

Restrictions on Non-Residential Use

HDB flats are meant for people to live in, not for any business or other uses. I

t’s not allowed to rent these flats for things like filming, storing goods, or tourism.

Flat owners need to make sure their tenants follow the rule of only using the flat for living. They should follow the lease and the Housing & Development Act carefully.

HDB Ethnic Integration Policy

The HDB Ethnic Integration Policy aims to boost racial harmony and social cohesion in HDB neighborhoods.

It places ethnic quotas in each spot, forging a balanced ethnic mix. This way, it ensures people of all backgrounds live together.

Quotas and Limits for Different Ethnic Groups

The HDB sets quotas and limits for varying ethnic groups in its communities. It aims to stop the growth of enclaves.

Instead, it lets Singaporeans of diverse backgrounds live well together.

The quota limits are regularly checked to stay up-to-date and keep the policy effective.

HDB Resale Regulations

When you want to sell an HDB flat in Singapore, there are rules to follow. These rules make sure everyone has a fair chance at public housing. They also help stop people from buying flats just to sell them later at a higher price. To buy a resale flat, you must meet certain criteria. This includes being a citizen, your family size, and how much money you make.

Eligibility Criteria for Resale Flats

Buying a resale HDB flat is made fair by these rules. Singaporean citizens get top priority. But, PRs and foreigners can also buy them if they meet more rules. HDB looks at things like how old you are, the size of your family, and how long you’ve lived in Singapore. This helps them decide if you can buy a flat.

Resale Procedures and Timelines

The sale of HDB flats follows clear steps and timelines.

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) watches over these sales. Owners need HDB’s permission before they can sell.

And buyers have to fill out some forms. HDB makes sure everyone follows the rules. This includes paying certain fees and meeting the terms of living in the flat for a specific time.

Key HDB Resale RegulationsDescription
Eligibility CriteriaCitizenship status, household composition, income limits
Resale ProceduresHDB approval, formal buyer application, compliance with regulations
Resale LeviesFees paid by sellers based on flat type and tenure
Minimum Occupation PeriodRequired period of owner occupation before resale

HDB Loan Requirements and Housing Grants

HDB offers housing loans to help eligible Singaporeans and PRs buy HDB flats.

The loan eligibility and downpayment rules depend on factors like income and citizenship.

These make sure HDB loans are within reach for qualified individuals. It ensures they can pay back the loan each month.

HDB Loan Eligibility and Downpayment Rules

To get an HDB loan, applicants must meet certain income levels and pay a required downpayment.

The HDB loan eligibility considers household income, citizenship status, and if you own other properties.

These rules help make sure the loans go to those who need them most. Borrowers must be able to pay each month without trouble.

Overview of Housing Grants and Subsidies

The government also offers housing grants and subsidies to make buying HDB flats easier.

These grants and subsidies reduce the start-up costs, making it easier to own a home.

How much and who can get these grants depends on income, the type of flat, and if it’s the first time you’re buying.

HDB Loan Eligibility FactorsHousing Grants and Subsidies
Household Income Citizenship Status Existing Property OwnershipHousehold Income Flat Type First-Time Buyer Status
The HDB loan eligibility rules ensure loans help those who can pay them back. This makes loans available to the right people.Grants and subsidies lower the costs of buying a flat. They help more Singaporeans and PRs own homes.


The HDB rules and regulations in Singapore are very important. They shape the country’s lively public housing world.

Understanding these guidelines helps people work with the HDB housing system easier. It also ensures they follow all the needed rules.

This is key when making choices about buying, renting, or selling HDB flats.

These rules cover many vital areas. They include who can buy a flat, rules for living together, and what you can and cannot do when you sell your flat.

Knowing about these rules is a must for citizens and long-term residents looking to get an HDB flat. It allows them to find quality housing that’s affordable.

Plus, it helps them fit in well with the HDB community.

Knowing the HDB rules means a better housing journey. It helps avoid problems and makes everything go smoothly.

This information is good for the folks who own the flats. But it also helps make the community a better and more friendly place.

This is how everyone helps in keeping the society together and the public housing system working well.


What are the citizenship and residency requirements for HDB flat eligibility?

To own an HDB flat, citizenship and residency rules must be met. If you are a Singaporean, you have an edge. Permanent residents (PRs) and those from other countries have extra things to consider.

How does the HDB Ethnic Integration Policy work?

The HDB Ethnic Integration Policy keeps HDB areas diverse. It ensures a good mix of people in neighborhoods and blocks. This creates harmony among different races and supports social unity.

What are the rules for renting out HDB flats?

Renting out rules for HDB flats are clear. Tenants must stay at least 6 months. For each lease, the max time is usually 2-3 years.

This depends on if the tenant is from Singapore or Malaysia. It’s 2 years for those from elsewhere.

What are the HDB loan requirements and housing grants available?

HDB helps Singaporeans and PRs buy flats with loans. The criteria include your income and whether you own a home. You can also get support through housing grants.

These grants help lessen the cost of buying an HDB flat.

What are the rules for reselling an HDB flat?

When selling your HDB flat, certain rules must be followed. To buy, people need to meet citizenship and income rules. The process comes with clear steps and deadlines.

Can HDB flats be used for non-residential purposes?

HDB flats are only for living in, not for working or storing items. Owners need to ensure their tenants follow these rules. Everyone leasing an HDB flat must use it for living only.