Lumina Grand EC – Is it Good to Buy? Honest Review

Lumina Grand EC is a new condo at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 in Singapore.1 It’s built by a company called CDL Zenith. This firm is a part of City Developments Limited, known as CDL. The place has 512 units and offers both luxury and value. It’s near jobs and fun spots.

Picking Lumina Grand EC means thinking about price, if it’s a smart investment, and what you get for your money.1 These things help decide if it’s a good buy.

Key Takeaways

  • Lumina Grand EC is a new executive condominium in Singapore with 512 units
  • It offers a blend of affordability and luxury living, with high-end amenities and a strategic location
  • Pricing is influenced by factors like location, design, amenities, unit types, and market conditions
  • Potential buyers should evaluate Lumina Grand EC’s investment potential and overall value proposition
  • The development is set to redefine luxury living in the area

Understanding Executive Condominiums in Singapore

In Singapore, Executive Condominiums (ECs) are a mix of public and private housing. They are priced between public and private condos.2 ECs are great for those who make more than the public housing limit but can’t afford a private condo.2 They offer the best of both worlds – affordability, luxury, and investment potential.

Key Features and Regulations of Executive Condominiums

ECs have special rules that set them apart. For example, you need to earn below S$16,000 a month to buy one.2 They are also cheaper than private condos, around 25%. This makes them a good choice for middle-class families.2

Hybrid Housing Model

ECs blend public and private condo living. You get private condo features but need to live there for 5 years before selling.2 There’s also a rule to sell only to eligible buyers for the first 10 years.

Financial Advantages

Buying an EC can be a good financial move. Prices for ECs tend to go up, offering a big increase in value.2 For example, the Lumina Grand EC project’s units are starting at S$1,430 per square foot.2 And, there are CPF grants and other savings to think about.

Transition to Private Property

After 10 years, you can sell your EC to anyone. This might raise its value more than a private condo.2 Also, when interest rates are low, consider refinancing for savings.2

In summary, ECs are a smart choice for those looking for a mix of luxury, affordability, and good investment potential. They’re a great option for many families in Singapore.

Lumina Grand EC – Is it Good

Introduction and Overview

Lumina Grand EC is made by CDL Zenith Pte. Ltd., part of City Developments Limited (CDL). It has 512 units. These promise top-notch living with many fancy extras. It’s found at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5.3

Location and Accessibility

It’s close to big job areas and fun places.4 Access to three new MRT stations is coming soon. These are Bukit Gombak MRT and two future Tengah stops. They should be ready in 2028.3

Project Highlights

The design is cool and green. This makes the project kind to the planet. The place has a big pool, a pool for kids, and a spa pool.5 You can pick from 3 to 5-bedroom units. Sizes go from 969 to 1,173 square feet.5

Pricing and Investment Potential

Lumina Grand EC’s price comes from many parts. This includes its great spot, high-class design, and lot of nice things for folks there. Being near big roads, schools, shops, and fun places makes it a top place to live. This is a big reason why it costs a lot.

The beautiful look, great building work, and fine materials also make it pricey.6 You’ll pay more for big spaces and views of the city. The cost can also change with how the market is doing and what the government says.2 So, think a lot about these things if you’re thinking of buying there.

Location Advantage

Lumina Grand EC sits close to main roads, schools, and busy markets.6 It’s also near the Jurong Region Line’s future stop, making travel easier. You’ll find lots of fun things to do in this area and even more as new spots open nearby.6

High Quality Design

Lumina Grand EC stands out with its beautiful design and quality stuff. The careful work and modern look add to the price tag.6 People like the trendy style because it promises a great way of living.

Amenities and Facilities

Lumina Grand EC offers many cool things for people living there. There’s a long pool, a gym, and a place for kids to play.6 These add a lot of value and make it a good spot for those looking to buy.

Sizes, Unit Types, and Unit Dimensions

There are different kinds of homes at Lumina Grand EC, from 3 to 5 bedrooms.6 They’ve thought about families, with lots of 3-bedroom places. It’s well designed and in a good location, making it worth the price.

The Influence of Markets and Government Policies

The cost and chance to make money with Lumina Grand EC can change with the market and rules. Because of the rules, these homes are cheaper than other private homes by up to 25%.2 Also, because it’s near a new town and known to do well, it should sell fast.2

Owners must live in their home for 5 years before renting or selling. They might get more money after 10 years, more than private homes might.2 It’s smart to think about these rules and how the market moves when buying.

Investing Potential Analysis

The chance to make money from Lumina Grand EC looks good. People might earn 50-60% more if they sell in a few years, around S$1,300 per square foot.2 It’s also expected to do as well as other successful projects near it.2

Prices for homes like these keep going up, like others just outside the main city areas.2 With its great location, beautiful design, and fun things to do, Lumina Grand EC seems like a good way to invest for the future.

Amenities and Facilities at Lumina Grand EC

Lumina Grand EC has many amenities and facilities for its residents. It has a 50-meter pool, a gym, and a kids’ play area. This offers everything for relaxing and playing.5 There are also nice green areas and places to BBQ. This is great for hanging out and making new friends.5

The designers took a lot of care to make these features. They want to make Lumina Grand EC a special place to live. Everyone should love what it offers.

Amenities and FacilitiesDetails
Swimming Pools– 50m lap pool
– Kid’s pool
– Spa pool
Sports Facilities– Tennis court
Recreational Spaces– Dance Room
– Music Room
– Games Room
– Social Room
Outdoor Amenities– BBQ Pavilions
– Lounging areas
Parking– 414 car lots (about 80% of the unit mix)
– 5 EV charging lots

Design and Architecture

Lumina Grand EC has a modern look that works well for people.7 It uses sleek styles and big windows to bring in lots of natural light. This helps make life there healthier and greener.7

Modern Architectural Design

At Lumina Grand EC, the buildings blend well with their use.7 The outside looks new with lots of windows and balconies. These let light and fresh air in, making every home nice to live in.7

Unit Layouts and Features

Living spaces at Lumina Grand EC are smart and comfy for today’s families.5 You can pick from 3, 4, or 5-bedroom homes, with higher ceilings on the top floor.5 Rooms are a good size, there’s plenty of places to store things, and the design is well thought out. All this adds up to great living.7

From cool design to smart living spaces, Lumina Grand EC nails it.57 By bringing in lots of natural light and air, and focusing on making life convenient, it’s the place to be for anyone wanting a stylish and eco-friendly home.

Location Analysis and Connectivity

Lumina Grand EC is in a lively Bukit Batok area, close to many things.5 It’s near good schools, top healthcare, and lots of places to shop and eat.5

Nearby Amenities and Attractions

There are many fun places around Lumina Grand EC for everyone. This includes parks like Bukit Batok Nature Park.5 Also, there’s easy access to places for shopping and eating. The area is not too far from hospitals too, like Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. This is great for families and people who want to live here.5

Transportation and Commuting Options

Getting around from Lumina Grand EC is super easy. It’s near big roads like the AYE and PIE.5 Soon, the Tengah Park MRT will also open up. This makes it easy to travel all over Singapore.5


Lumina Grand EC is a great choice for people in Singapore. It offers the best of both worlds. It has public housing benefits but feels like a private condo.6 It’s well-placed, designed with quality, has full facilities, and is good for investment. These things make it perfect for those wanting to live better, without paying all the price for private homes.4,8

If you’re thinking about buying, look at Lumina Grand EC’s prices, how easy it is to get to places, and if it will grow in value over time.4,8 It’s in a great spot, near schools, and the transport is fantastic. It’s a top pick for families and people who like city living but also want peace.8

Lumina Grand EC is about mixing affordability, luxury, and good future value. It’s a solid pick for a new place in Singapore. People thinking of buying should do their homework. Look at everything the project offers. Think about the good and bad to be sure it suits your long-term plans.6,4,8


What is Lumina Grand EC?

Lumina Grand EC is a new place to live in Singapore. It’s at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5. City Developments Limited (CDL) made it. It has 512 units mixing affordability with luxury.

What are the key features of Executive Condominiums (ECs) in Singapore?

ECs mix public housing’s affordability with private condo benefits. They’re great for middle-income people in Singapore. Key things about ECs are their hybrid model and requirements to buy one. They have nice amenities, money benefits, and you need to live there for a while before changing to private.

Where is Lumina Grand EC located and what are its key highlights?

It’s at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5. There are 512 units. It will offer luxury with its features and a good spot near work and fun places. You’ll see a modern design, lots of facilities, and a focus on being green.

How is the pricing of Lumina Grand EC determined?

The price considers its spot, design, and amenities. Its location near key places is a main price factor. The great design, materials, and care in building also add to its cost. Plus, it has many cool facilities for residents.

What amenities and facilities are available at Lumina Grand EC?

There’s a big lap pool, a gym, and a play area for kids. Also, there are green spaces and spots for barbecues. These areas help make living there more fun and valuable.

How is the design and architecture of Lumina Grand EC?

It focuses on looking modern and being useful. Lumina Grand EC lets in a lot of light and air for a healthy life. Its places are designed for a happy, easy life for families.

What is the location and connectivity of Lumina Grand EC?

It’s at a handy spot in Bukit Batok. You get easy reach to schools, health centers, and places to shop or eat. For moving around, it’s near main roads, the MRT, and the upcoming Tengah Park MRT station.