Do HDB Flats Have Balconies?

HDB flats can be more unique than you think. There’s a feature many often overlook: some come with balconies. These balconies, a feature of private condominiums, are in select HDB flats.

They offer a unique experience, bringing nature closer to home. For those with a green thumb or anyone wanting a cozy spot to relax and feel the breeze, a balcony adds something special to everyday living.

In this guide, we’ll show you the different HDB balconies there are. We’ll also guide you on where to find HDB flats with balconies, and the good and not-so-good things about having one.

Key Takeaways

  • Some HDB flats in Singapore come equipped with balconies, offering residents an outdoor living space.
  • Balconies in HDB flats can provide benefits such as improved natural ventilation, additional space, and potential property value increase.
  • HDB flats with balconies can be found in various neighborhoods, including Punggol, Bishan, and Tampines.
  • Balconies in HDB flats come in different styles, such as cantilevered and internal balconies.
  • Homebuyers should consider the advantages and disadvantages of HDB balconies when making their purchasing decision.

Introduction to HDB Flats with Balconies

Balconies are not just for condos; some HDB flats have them too. They offer a special space that connects you with nature. You can use it fro gardening or simply for relaxing outdoors. Having a balcony in an hdb flat makes living in an HDB flat more enjoyable.

What are Balconies in HDB Flats?

Balconies in HDB flats are like an extra room outdoors. They let you enjoy fresh air, nature views, or add greenery. This space lets HDB owners make their living area unique. It also allows them to enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor area at home.

Benefits of Having a Balcony in an HDB Flat

The benefits of hdb balconies are many. They let you have your private outdoor spot. They also bring in more light and fresh air. This can make your HDB flat more attractive to others. It’s a sought-after feature by many buyers and residents.

Types of HDB Balconies in Singapore

Balconies in HDB flats offer extra space in different styles. The most common is the cantilevered balconies that stand out from the building. You see these often in newer HDB flats.

Another type is the internal balconies found in many older resale units. These offer more flexibility. They need less care against weather and can become part of your indoor space with a change in flooring.

Cantilevered Balconies

In newer HDB flats, cantilevered balconies are easily spotted.

They push out from the building, adding to the design in a modern way. These give residents a spot outside to get fresh air and good views. But, keep in mind, they might need more care to stay nice over time.

Internal Balconies

Internal balconies are more common in older resale HDB units. They blend indoor and outdoor spaces well. These balconies are more flexible.

They’re easier to care for and can be changed to give you more room, great for those wanting to do space-saving without big changes.

FeatureCantilevered BalconiesInternal Balconies
AppearanceVisually striking, modern designIntegrated into the building’s structure
Outdoor SpaceProvides additional outdoor areaCan be converted into living space
MaintenanceRequires more weatherproofingRequires less weatherproofing
VersatilityLimited in terms of conversionMore versatile in terms of conversion

Where to Find HDB Flats with Balconies

It’s less common for new buildings to have balconies. But, you can still get young resale HDB flats with them.

If you want a balcony, look at flats in places like Waterway Terraces I and II in Punggol. You’ll get a nice view of the Punggol Waterway and Park from there.

Older Resale HDB Flats with Balconies

Older flats also have balconies. You can find them in places like 5-room flats, Executive Apartments, Multi-Gen, and Jumbo homes across Singapore. These homes give you extra outdoor space to call your own.

Executive Maisonette HDB Flats with Balconies

Some HDB flats called Executive Maisonettes have balconies too. They come with special double-volume service yards. This means you’ll have a great outdoor spot in your home.

DBSS HDB Flats with Balconies

DBSS flats are special because they have balconies too. They’re made under the Design, Build and Sell Scheme. Living in these DBSS flats is like having both an HDB flat and condo features.

Do HDBS Have Balconies?

Balconies aren’t as common in new HDB projects. But, many HDB towns in Singapore still have them. Towns like Bishan, Punggol, Tampines, and Sengkang stand out. Some specific units with balconies are in 290 Bishan Street 24, and 48 Telok Blangah Drive.

There are also blocks in Punggol’s Waterway Terraces I and II. These balconies provide extra outdoor space and let in more fresh air. They give residents a chance to make their space feel like a little outdoor haven.

HDB Towns with Balcony Units

In HDB towns like Bishan, Punggol, Tampines, and Sengkang, you can find units with balconies. This extra space lets residents enjoy a bit of the outdoors right at home.

Notable HDB Blocks with Balconies

Some HDB blocks are known for their balconies. For instance, 290 Bishan Street 24, and 48 Telok Blangah Drive. Also, 322A Sumang Walk and several blocks in Waterway Terraces I and II in Punggol. These balconies let residents update their living areas. They provide a tranquil place and a closer connection to nature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HDB Balconies

Balconies in HDB flats have good and bad points. Balconies can make living spaces bigger. They offer a private spot outdoors for fresh air, plants, or just relaxing. Balconies make homes fresher and lighter, making living more pleasant. And, they could make the home worth more.

Advantages of HDB Balconies

Advantages of HDB balconies include having a personal outdoor area at home. They let you be outside while you’re inside, perfect for gardening, relaxing, or enjoying breeze. A balcony also makes a home cooler and brighter naturally. This means less need for air conditioning and lights.

Having a balcony can make an HDB flat more valuable. People like balconies, seeing them as extra space and a cool lifestyle touch, especially in older flats.

Disadvantages of HDB Balconies

Yet, HDB balconies have some issues. Keeping them clean and nice can be tough. They’re outside, so they catch dirt and might grow mold. This means you’ll have to clean them often.

One drawback of a HDB balcony is a disadvantage of HDB balconies is they use up indoor space. They add to the home’s area but take from the indoor area. So, your home might feel a bit smaller inside.

Safety is another concern. Things might fall from or off balconies. Noise and smells from neighbors’ balconies can also be a problem.


In conclusion, HDB flats in Singapore offer a special thing – balconies. These can change how people feel about their living space. While most think of balconies as for condos, some HDBs have them too. These include newer HDBs with cantilevered balconies and older ones with internal balconies.

You can find HDB flats with balconies in places like Punggol, Bishan, and Tampines. Balconies have both good and bad points. They give you a private outdoor area, better air flow, and could make your home worth more. If you love plants or need a quiet place to relax, an HDB balcony might be perfect for you.

Having a balcony in an HDB flat lets you enjoy the outside more. It makes your home more adaptable and enjoyable. By thinking about what you want, you can decide if a balcony in an HDB is good for you.


Do HDB flats have balconies?

Yes, some HDB flats have balconies, which is more common in private condominiums. These balconies give residents a special place outside in select HDB developments and resale units.

What are the different types of balconies in HDB flats?

HDB flats have two main types of balconies. Cantilevered balconies are in newer flats. Internal balconies are seen more in older resale units. Each type has its own good and bad points.

Where can I find HDB flats with balconies?

You can find HDB flats with balconies in many Singapore neighborhoods. Places like Punggol, Bishan, Tampines, and Sengkang have them. New developments such as Waterway Terraces and older units like Executive Apartments may have balconies too.

What are the benefits of having a balcony in an HDB flat?

HDB’s with balconies offer more outdoor space, better air and light, and may raise the property’s value. They can be a quiet retreat, a garden spot, or a cozy place to unwind outdoors.

What are the drawbacks of having a balcony in an HDB flat?

Balconies need upkeep and might reduce the inside space. They also pose safety risks like things falling off, or noise and smells from other balconies.