Can 2 Siblings Buy HDB? Eligibility Criteria Explained

In Singapore, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) offers a wide range of housing options. This includes the possibility for siblings to jointly own an HDB flat. But, purchasing an HDB flat as siblings comes with specific rules. We’ll discuss the key requirements and considerations for siblings looking to buy together.

According to HDB, siblings can buy an HDB flat if they meet specific criteria. They must be immediate family members, like spouse, parents, children, or siblings. The citizenship and residency of the siblings are also important for HDB’s approval.

HDB lays out clear rules for sibling co-owners, including situations like divorce or death. It can be tricky, so understanding these rules is essential for siblings wanting to own together.

Besides the relationship and eligibility, there are age and ownership restrictions for siblings. Applicants must be 21 years old and not own another HDB, DBSS flat, or EC unit within 5 years. This is part of HDB’s effort to ensure fair access to housing.

Key Takeaways

  • Siblings can jointly own an HDB flat, but they must meet specific eligibility schemes set by the HDB.
  • The relationship between the proposed owners must be that of immediate family members, such as spouse, parents, children, or siblings.
  • Citizenship and residency status are crucial factors in determining HDB eligibility for sibling buyers.
  • Age and ownership restrictions apply, with a minimum age of 21 and restrictions on current property ownership.
  • The HDB application process for sibling co-owners includes submitting the Flat Eligibility Letter and required documents.

Understanding HDB Eligibility for Siblings

Jointly buying an HDB flat has rules defined by the HDB for siblings. These rules look closely at the relationship between the siblings. This is important in deciding if they can buy an HDB together.

Relationship Requirements

For sibling co-owners to meet HDB rules, they must be immediate family. This means spouses, parents, children, or siblings are all okay. The aim is to have those with strong family bonds owning the property together. This promotes a sense of community.

Citizenship and Residency Status

But there’s more than just being family to buy an HDB together. You must also check the siblings’ citizenship and if they are PRs. Only citizens or PRs can own an HDB as siblings. This rule is about having those committed to the local community living in these flats.

Can 2 Siblings Buy HDB?

Yes, siblings can buy an HDB (Housing Development Board) flat together in Singapore. This is only if they meet the eligibility criteria set by the HDB. These criteria aim to give all Singaporean families a fair chance at affordable public housing.

Joint Ownership for Siblings

Siblings are indeed allowed to buy an HDB flat under certain rules. The relationship between the siblings must show that they are immediate family members. Immediate family includes spouses, parents, children, or brothers and sisters. This requirement is key to helping Singaporean families with their housing needs.

Eligibility Schemes for Sibling Co-owners

Criteria for sibling co-ownership may involve certain life events, like divorce or a family member passing away. Owners might need to make changes in ownership if there have been any shifts in family structure. Such rules show HDB’s dedication to treating everyone fairly in the public housing sector. They make sure everyone follows the same rules, keeping fairness and stability in the housing market.

Knowing the exact rules on sibling co-ownership in an HDB flat is crucial. This understanding allows Singaporean families to make wise choices and go through the process smoothly. It helps them meet their housing needs while respecting the HDB’s laws. This contributes to a better living environment for everyone in the community.

Age and Ownership Restrictions

When looking at HDB ownership rules for siblings, it’s good to know the age and existing property rules set by the HDB. The rule says the siblings must be 21 years old at least to own an HDB flat. This ensures they are adults and can properly look after their shared home.

Minimum Age for HDB Ownership

The sibling requirements for HDB note that they must be 21 to own a flat. This rule is there to make sure the siblings are mature and financially ready to co-own a home.

Existing Property Ownership Rules

There’s also a rule about already owning property. The siblings applying for an HDB flat cannot own or live in another HDB/DBSS/EC unit during its 5-year ownership period. This keeps the HDB regulations for siblings in check, preventing them from owning more than one such property at a time.

CPF Housing Grants for Sibling Buyers

Buying an HDB flat when you’re siblings can be more affordable with CPF housing grants. These grants help eligible Singaporeans and PRs in buying a home.

The Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG) is a major help for siblings. It gives up to $80,000, depending on income and household size. For the EHG, siblings need to fit the income limits and other HDB requirements.

The Family Grant is also available. It offers up to $50,000 for families with a citizen child. The money you get depends on your family’s income and the HDB flat type.

GrantMaximum AmountEligibility Criteria
Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG)Up to $80,000Household monthly income not exceeding $9,000 Applicants must be Singapore citizens Flat must be owner-occupied
Family GrantUp to $50,000Household monthly income not exceeding $14,000 At least one Singapore citizen child in the household Flat must be owner-occupied

Understanding the rules and steps for these CPF grants is crucial. It helps you get more financial help and makes buying the HDB place easier.

HDB Loan Eligibility for Siblings

Wanting to buy an HDB flat together means you should know about the money and loan details first. There are certain rules for siblings who want to get an HDB loan. This makes everything clear and simple when it comes to money matters.

Income Requirements

For an HDB loan, the total income of both siblings each month must not go over the HDB’s limit. Remember, this limit changes as the economy does. Both must tell HDB their current incomes honestly to see if they can get a loan.

Loan Quantum and Repayment

How much money you can get from HDB depends on your incomes and the HDB flat’s worth. You can pay back this loan for up to 30 years. But, this period is decided by how old you are and how long the flat’s lease lasts.

Before taking a loan, siblings should think about if they can afford it. They should also think about their future plans carefully. This is an important decision that needs careful thought.

Application Process for Sibling Co-owners

Buying an HDB flat as siblings has distinct steps set by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). First off, they need to show they qualify by getting an HDB Flat Eligibility Letter. This letter says they can buy an HDB flat together.

Submitting the HDB Flat Eligibility Letter

To get the HDB Flat Eligibility Letter, siblings can apply online at HDB InfoWeb or go to an HDB Branch. This letter confirms their eligibility and includes what flat types they can buy, the highest price, and grants they can use.

Required Documents

Along with the HDB Flat Eligibility Letter, sibling co-owners must provide essential documents for their application. These documents are vital and might include things like:

  • Identification documents (e.g., NRIC, passport)
  • Proof of relationship (e.g., birth certificates)
  • Income documents (e.g., payslips, tax statements)
  • CPF statements
  • Proof of ownership or interest in any existing properties
  • Divorce or death certificates (if applicable)

After submitting these documents, the HDB checks if the siblings meet all the co-ownership rules. If everything is fine, the siblings are good to go ahead and buy the HDB flat.

Resale Levy for Sibling HDB Buyers

When siblings share ownership of an HDB flat, they might face a resale levy. This levy matters in specific cases. It’s key for sibling buyers to grasp its importance.

When is the Resale Levy Applicable?

Siblings who own an HDB flat and buy another subsidized home or an EC may face the levy. It prevents the misuse of housing subsidies. This rule aims to keep things fair for everyone.

Calculating the Resale Levy Amount

The levy’s cost is a percentage of the flat’s current market value. Different percentages apply based on the flat type and past subsidies. Knowing these details is crucial for sibling buyers.

Understanding the levy helps sibling HDB buyers. They can then smoothly handle joint purchases. Knowing this rule makes the buying process clearer and easier for siblings.


Two siblings can buy an HDB flat together in Singapore. They need to meet the HDB’s criteria. This includes being close family, sharing the same citizenship and living in Singapore, and following age and property rules.

Siblings might get HDB grants and loans. They should know what it means for resale. To apply, they must submit documents and get HDB’s okay.

Buying an HDB flat together needs a lot of thought. Understanding HDB rules and sibling requirements helps. It ensures that sibling buyers are ready for this housing and financial step.


Can two siblings buy an HDB flat together?

Yes, they can. But, they have to follow specific rules set by the HDB.

What are the eligibility criteria for siblings to co-own an HDB flat?

To own jointly, they must be immediate family like spouses, parents, children, or siblings. They also need to meet certain citizenship and residency criteria.

Are there any age or ownership restrictions for sibling HDB buyers?

Yes, you need to be at least 21. You can’t already own, or must not have lived in, an HDB, DBSS, or EC within 5 years of purchase.

Are there any CPF housing grants available for sibling HDB buyers?

Siblings buying together may get CPF housing grants if they meet certain conditions.

How do siblings qualify for an HDB loan?

They have to meet HDB’s income and loan criteria to get a loan.

What is the application process for sibling co-owners?

To apply, they need to submit the HDB Flat Eligibility Letter with necessary documents. HDB will then check their case based on eligibility rules.

Do sibling HDB buyers need to pay a resale levy?

Yes, if the sellers bought another subsidized flat or an EC new. They might have to pay a resale levy.